The perfect gift for eco-friendly moms & newborns

The all-in-one gift box with soft, safe, cruelty free baby products for new babies on earth. 

Cruelty Free
Not tested on animals
Vegan friendly
Parabens, SLS, Petrochemicals
For newborns
Money Back Guarantee

Baby Wash & Shampoo For Hair & Body

Elysium's Provitamin B5 Enriched Baby Shampoo Soap

An innovative formula for babies, enriched with provitamin B5 and plant extracts of Aloe Vera, Pomegranate, Olive and Prickly Pear. Gentle Baby Shampoo Soap Elysium developed for you, parents, to give your babies the best product. Does not contain preservatives, parabens, bad or banned in-gredients, Keeping the moisture, nourishes the skin with minerals from nature, cleansing and calming. Baby Shampoo Soap contains pro-vitamin B5, which is known as moisturizing, relaxing and skin-renewing.

Natural Baby Bottle Liquid Dish Soap

The Eco-Friendly Solution for Safe and Effective Cleaning

This is an anti-bacterial, ecological, water-based liquid. This liquid is designed for washing, cleaning and disinfecting utensils, bottles, pacifiers and breast pumps; it effectively removes dirt and leftover food / milk. User-friendly and friendly to the environment, children and infants. Elysium soap for utensils, bottles, pacifiers and breast pumps does not contain any toxic substances and is naturally biodegradable.

Revive your child's space with refreshing scents

Experience an enchanting aroma that revitalizes both air and fabric

Shake well
Release safety stop

Say goodbye to unwanted odors

Neutralizes unpleasant smells, creating a truly refreshing ambiance

Fresh Everywhere
Revitalize with every spray
Sensitive Scent
Gentle comfort in every whiff
Lasting Aroma
Scent bubbles: a fragrant tale
Odor Neutralizer
Refresh and renew

Tiny Footprints, Mighty Safety

Embark on a journey towards sustainability as you discover our thoughtfully crafted eco-friendly baby sets, working to bring forth a future that's healthier and brighter for your precious child.

All of our products are free from harmful chemicals!

Discover the elysium difference

Natural Love for Your Baby

Elysium's dedication to natural, eco-friendly products ensures your baby's safety and well-being. With ingredients like aloe vera and pomegranate extract, your little one gets gentle care they deserve.

Green Values, Happy Planet

Elysium's eco-friendly practices and packaging not only nurture your baby but also the environment. Choose Elysium for a greener future for both your child and the planet.

Elevate with Elegance

Elysium delivers more than products – it's an experience. From premium gift boxes to captivating scents, embrace sophistication in your baby's care routine with Elysium.

With 99% of reviewers onboard, our eco-commitment remains unwavering.

We've crafted unique products that blend with humanity and nature.

Exceptional natural elements with carefully chosen ingredients, harnessing the potency of pure organic oils and extracts from plants.


This natural wonder is enriched with antioxidants and vitamins, offering your baby's skin gentle care and protection while embracing the soothing essence of nature.

Opuntia Coccinellifera

Derived from the prickly pear cactus, our products feature Opuntia Coccinellifera extract. Packed with vitamins and minerals, it offers your baby's skin natural nourishment and protection for a tender touch of care.

Aloe Vera

Known for its calming properties, aloe vera brings gentle relief to your little one's skin, providing natural comfort and hydration while embodying the essence of tender care.

Olive Oil

This time-honored ingredient offers gentle nourishment and hydration to your baby's skin, enveloping them in the rich essence of natural care.

Jojoba Oil

This natural elixir, rich in vitamins and hydration, caresses your baby's skin with gentle care and protection, bringing forth the essence of tender, natural well-being.


This cherished botanical, known for its calming properties, embraces your baby's skin with tender care, capturing the essence of gentle comfort and natural serenity.

Unbox joy: discover the treasures within

Prepare to be delighted as you embark on an unboxing experience like no other. Our carefully curated sets are not just bundles of essentials; they are a treasure trove of surprises waiting to be unveiled.

Eco-friendly bundles: elevate your baby's world

Curated green sets for a healthier, happier tomorrow

Pink Large Gift Box
Bundle Image
Pink Large Gift Box
$190.00 USD
$128.00 USD
(Save $62.00)
Green & Blue Large Gift Box
Bundle Image
Green & Blue Large Gift Box
$190.00 USD
$128.00 USD
(Save $62.00)
Pink Gift Box
Bundle Image
Pink Gift Box
$150.00 USD
$108.00 USD
(Save $42.00)
Green & Blue Gift Box
Bundle Image
Green & Blue Gift Box
$150.00 USD
$108.00 USD
(Save $42.00)

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