Pink Gift Box

Elysium's Pink Gift Box: A Symphony of Care
  • Soft ‘Elysium’ stuffed animal
  • Natural liquid dish soap for bottles, pacifiers, breast milk pumps
  • Perfect scent air & fabric refresher without alcohol
  • Baby natural body wash & shampoo
  • Baby bottle brush
  • Pink stylish diaper bag
  • Baby cotton bandana bib
  • Baby footprint kit
  • Premium gift box
Indulge in the elegance and thoughtfulness of our Pink Gift Box – a carefully crafted collection designed to nurture your baby's every need. Inside, you'll find the irresistible Soft ‘Elysium’ stuffed animal, embodying comfort and warmth for your little one. The natural liquid dish soap ensures the utmost hygiene for bottles, pacifiers, and breast milk pumps, while the Perfect Scent Air & Fabric Refresher introduces a touch of captivating freshness to their surroundings.
Bath time becomes a joyful experience with the Baby Natural Body Wash & Shampoo, tenderly cleansing and soothing delicate skin. The Baby Bottle Brush simplifies cleaning, and the Pink Stylish Diaper Bag adds a touch of fashion to functionality. With the Baby Cotton Bandana Bib, messes turn into moments of charm. Capture the magic of growing up with the Baby Footprint Kit, creating timeless memories.
All these treasures are enclosed within a Premium Gift Box, serving as a testament to our commitment to quality and sustainability. Every element in this set speaks of care, creating a symphony of love and comfort for your precious one.