Green & Blue Gift Box

Elysium's Green & Blue Gift Box: Unveiling Tranquil Delights
  • Soft ‘Elysium’ stuffed animal
  • Natural liquid dish soap for bottles, pacifiers, breast milk pumps
  • Perfect scent air & fabric refresher without alcohol
  • Baby natural body wash & shampoo
  • Baby bottle brush
  • Blue stylish diaper bag
  • Baby cotton bandana bib
  • Baby footprint kit
  • Premium gift box

Experience the harmonious blend of nature's hues with our Green & Blue Gift Box – a curation of treasures designed to nurture your baby's well-being. Embrace the soothing embrace of the Soft ‘Elysium’ stuffed animal, while the Natural Liquid Dish Soap ensures impeccable hygiene for bottles, pacifiers, and breast milk pumps.

Infuse a breath of fresh air into your baby's surroundings with the Perfect Scent Air & Fabric Refresher, creating an aura of tranquility. Elevate bath time with the Baby Natural Body Wash & Shampoo, while the Baby Bottle Brush simplifies cleanliness. The Blue Stylish Diaper Bag fuses style with functionality, and the Baby Cotton Bandana Bib adds a charming touch to mealtime.

Capture the fleeting moments with the Baby Footprint Kit, cherishing your little one's growth. All these treasures find a home within the Premium Gift Box, an emblem of our commitment to quality and sustainability. With every element, our Green & Blue Gift Box invites you to embrace a world of serenity and care for your baby's journey.