Green & Blue Large Gift Box

Elysium's Green & Blue Large Gift Box: Wholesome Adventures Await
  • Soft ‘Elysium’ stuffed animal
  • Natural liquid dish soap for bottles, pacifiers, breast milk pumps
  • Perfect scent air & fabric refresher without alcohol
  • Baby natural body wash & shampoo
  • Baby bottle brush
  • Blue stylish diaper bag
  • Baby cotton bandana bib
  • Baby footprint kit
  • Baby safety nail scissors
  • Baby white with pattern burp cloth
  • Baby blue towel
  • Premium gift box

Step into a world of boundless possibilities with our Green & Blue Large Gift Box – a collection thoughtfully crafted for every facet of your baby's journey. Embrace the tender embrace of the Soft ‘Elysium’ stuffed animal, while the Natural Liquid Dish Soap ensures pristine cleanliness for bottles, pacifiers, and breast milk pumps.

Infuse serenity into your baby's environment with the Perfect Scent Air & Fabric Refresher, and cherish bath time with the Baby Natural Body Wash & Shampoo. The Baby Bottle Brush simplifies cleaning, and the Blue Stylish Diaper Bag effortlessly combines style and functionality. Elevate every meal with the Baby Cotton Bandana Bib, a touch of charm for your little one.

Celebrate growth with the Baby Footprint Kit and prioritize safety with the Baby Safety Nail Scissors. The Baby White with Pattern Burp Cloth and Baby Blue Towel offer comfort and elegance. All these treasures find their place within the Premium Gift Box, a testament to our commitment to quality and sustainability. Let the Green & Blue Large Gift Box be your companion in nurturing wholesome adventures for your baby's future.